Welcome to the Graduate Student Acquisition Research Program (ARP)

The Acquisition Research Program (ARP) seeks quality graduate student research. The following list indicates the range of potential research areas of interest; acquisition and procurement policy, supply chain management, public budgeting and finance, cost management, project management, logistics management, engineering management, outsourcing, performance measurement, collaboration and human systems integration, etc. Choose a sponsor topic or create one of your own.

Acceptance into our graduate student research program will give you 20 hours of editing support per research team, some transcription and travel funding (if needed) at no cost to you. 

Program Expectations:

  1. Produce publishable research
  2. Write for “Public Release, Unlimited Distribution”
  3. Meet project deadlines and stay on schedule
  4. Complete all ARP deliverables prior to leaving NPS

Submit your application via email to ARP@nps.edu. 

Application: Cover email with a PDF attachment

PDF attachment includes;

  1. Signed Thesis / MBA Project Plan
  2. Travel Estimate from Travel Office (if applicable)
  3. Signed IRB Check List
  4. Signed ARP Advisor Endorsement Form

ARP Briefing Materials

Student ARP General Timeline & Milestones

Student ARP Research Flowchart

ARP Advisor Endorsement Form

Acquisition Research Program and Other NPS Resources


  email: arp@nps.edu

  Ph: 831-656-2257

Graduate Writing Center  


  email: writingcenter@nps.edu

  Ph: 831-656-3682

Thesis Processing


  email: thesisdraft@nps.edu 

Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB)


   Mrs. Rikki Nguyen

   HRPP Specialist

   email: ranguyen@nps.edu 

   Ph: 831-656-2998

Acquisition Research Handbook Series:

Analysis Planning Methodology: For Thesis, Joint Applied Project & MBA Research Reports

APA Citation Style (6th Edition)

Effective Tables, Figures & Frequently Used Terms

Writing Style & English Usage

Other Research Resources:

Acquisition Research Program - Publications

Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (DAMIR)

Dudley Knox Library, NPS

Writing Guides & Resources, Dudley Knox Library, NPS


Sample ARP Student Application Email

Sample ARP Student Bios

Sample ARP Student Acknowledgments

Sample ARP Student Research Poster


NPS Thesis Processing Office & Templates for MBA, Thesis & JAP

Template ARP Student Research Poster

More Information:

Ms. Karey L. Shaffer, MBA, (klshaffe@nps.edu), Research Associate & Program Manager, Acquisition Research Program, Naval Postgraduate School.