14-15 MAY 2014 , AFCEA Acquisition Research Symposium

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Proceedings - 10th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium

These Proceedings constitute the 10th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium. They consist of papers from scholars who committed to present their research findings in 2013, as well as those papers accepted in response to the Symposium Call for Papers.  

Acquisition Management

Naval Ship Maintenance: An Analysis of the Dutch Shipbuilding Industry Using the Knowledge Value Added, Systems Dynamics, and Integrated Risk Management Methodologies David Ford, Thomas Housel, Johnathan Mun

Time as an Independent Variable: A Tool to Drive Cost Out of and Efficiency Into Major Acquisition Programs J. David Patterson

The Impact of Globalization on the U.S. Defense Industry Jacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn

Bottleneck Analysis on the DoD Pre-Milestone B Acquisition Processes Eugene Rex Jalao, Teresa Wu, Danielle Worger, Christopher Auger, Lars Baldus, Brian Yoshimoto, J. Robert Wirthlin, John Colombi

Software Acquisition Patterns of Failure and How to Recognize Them Lisa Brownsword, Cecilia Albert, Patrick Place, David Carney

Fewer Mistakes on the First Day: Architectural Strategies and Their Impacts on Acquisition Outcomes Linda McCabe and Anthony Wicht

The Joint Program Dilemma: Analyzing the Pervasive Role that Social Dilemmas Play in Undermining Acquisition Success  William E. Novak, Andrew Moore, Jay D. Marchetti, Julie B. Cohen, and Matthew L. Collins

Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: A Study of Interdendency Complexity Mary Maureen Brown

Leveraging Structural Characteristics of Interdependent Network to Model Non-linear Cascading Risks Anita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, Ansaf Salleb-Aoussi, Shalini Ranjanna

Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility Portal   Ying Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Doug MacKinnon

Capturing Creative Program Management Best Practices Brandon Keller, J. Robert Wirthlin

The RITE Approach to Agile Acquisition Timothy Boyce, Nicholas Roussel, Iva Sherman

Challenge-Based Acquisition: Stimulating Innovative Solutions Faster and Cheaper by Asking the Right Questions Virginia Wydler, Richard Weatherly, Matthew D. Day, Scott Anderson, and Michael Arendt

Defense Acquisition and the Case of the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration Office:  Ad Hoc Problem Solving as a Mechanism for Adaptive Change Kathryn Aten, John T. Dillard

A Comparative Assessment of the Navy’s Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) Process and Joint Staff Capability Gap Assessment Process as Related to Pacific Command’s (PACOM) Integrated Priority List Submission Jaime Frittman, Sibel McGee, John Yuhas

Enabling Design for Affordability: An Epoch-Era Analysis Approach Michael Schaffner, Marcus Wu Shihong, Adam M. Ross, Donna H. Rhodes

Measuring Dynamic Knowledge and Performance at the Tactical Edges of Organizations: Assessing Acquisition Workforce Quality Mark E. Nissen,

Outcome-Focused Market Intelligence: Extracting Better Value and Effectiveness from Strategic Sourcing Tim Hawkins, Michel Knipper, Tim Reed

Acquisition Portfolio Trends

Weapons Acquisition Reform: Reform Act Is Helping DoD Acquisition Programs Reduce Risk, but Implementation Challenges Remain  Michael J. Sullivan

Service-Oriented Architecture Afloat:  A Capabilities-Based Prioritization Scheme Diana I. Angelis, Matthew C. Horton

The Impact of Computer-Based Training on Operating and Support Costs for the AN/SWW-89(v) Sonar System  Diana I. Angelis, William A. Gibson

The GAO’s 11th Annual Assessment of Selected Weapon Programs Michael J. Sullivan

Contract Management

Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Defining and Measuring Success of Services Contracts in the U.S. Navy Uday Apte and Rene Rendon

Make or Buy: A Systematic Approach to Department of Defense Sourcing Decisions for Services (An Interim Report) David Berteau, Guy Ben Ari, Jesse Ellman, Joachim Hofbauer

Cost Estimating

Software Should-Cost Analysis with Parametric Estimation Tools Robert Ferguson

The Use of Inflation Indexes in the Department of Defense Stanley Horowitz, Alexander O. Gallo, Robert J. Shue, Daniel B. Levine, and Robert W. Thomas

Political Connections of the Boards of Directors and Defense Contractors’ Excessive Profits Chong Wang

An Analytical Synopsis of Dr. Ashton Carter’s “Should-Cost” Initiatives   Cory Yoder

Quantifying Uncertainty for Early Life Cycle Cost Estimates Jim McCurley, Bob Ferguson, Dennis Goldenson, Robert Stoddard, and David Zubrow

Logistics Management

Fully-Burdened Cost of Supply in Self-Sustaining Logistics Networks Jay Simon, Eva Regnier, Aruna Apte, John Khawan, Daniel Nussbaum

Platform Design for Fleet-Level Efficiency: Application for Air Mobility Command (AMC) Jung Hoon Choi, Parithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam and William A. Crossley

Improving DoD Energy Efficiency: Combining MMOWGLI Social-Media Brainstorming With Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) to Strengthen the Defense Acquisition Process Ying Zhao, Don Brutzman, and Douglas J. MacKinnon

Addressing Counterfeit Parts in the DoD Supply Chain William Lucyshyn, Jacques Gansler, and John Rigilano

Wave Release Strategies to Improve Service in Order Fulfillment Systems Kevin Gue, and Erdem Ceven

Issues and Challenges in Self-Sustaining Response Supply Chains Aruna Apte, John Khawam, Eva Regnier, Jay Simon, Daniel Nussbaum

Lead-Time Demand Modeling in Continuous Review Supply Chain Models Barry R. Cobb, Alan W. Johnson

Improving Multi-Component Maintenance Acquisition with a Greedy Heuristic Local Algorithm Sifat Kalam,  Kash Barker, Jose Ramirez-Marquez

An Internal, Demand-Side Approach Toward Implementing Strategic Sourcing: Political, Legal and Economic Considerations   John Fallon, Timothy Reed

Optimizing Causes of Procurement Cost through Strategic Sourcing: The Impact of Rate, Process, and Demand Tim Reed, Michael Knipper, John Fallon

Software Acquisition

Managing Risk in Mobile Applications With Formal Security Policies Travis Breaux, Ashwini Rao

Streamlining the Process of Acquiring Secure Open Architecture Software Systems Walt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh

System of Systems Management

Acquisition Management for System-of-Systems: Affordability through Effective Portfolio Management Daniel DeLaurentis, Navindran Davendralingam

Identifying Governance Best Practices in Systems-of-Systems Acquisition David J. Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Joshua Archer, and Sneha Raghavan

The Making of a DoD Acquisition Lead System Integrator (LSI) Paul Montgomery, Ron Carlson, and John Quartuccio

Innovating Naval Business Using a War Game Nickolas Guertin, Brian Womble, and Paul Bruhns

Computer-aided Process and Tools for Mobile Software Acquisition Mantak Shing, Thomas Otani, Christopher Bonine