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Reducing Risk in DoD Software-Intensive Systems DevelopmentBrad Naegle2016-03-01
Assessment of Navy Contract Management ProcessesDr. Rene G. Rendon2016-02-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems for Web and Mobile DevicesDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2016-02-01
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Procurement LessonsBart Philpott, Matt Weber2016-01-01
An Economic Analysis of the Truth in Negotiations ActsChong Wang, Rene Rendon2016-01-01
Make or Buy: An Analysis of the Impacts of 3D Printing Operations, 3D Laser Scanning Technology, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management on Ship Maintenance and Modernization Cost SavingsDavid Ford, Tom Housel, Johnathan Mun, Sandra Hom2016-01-01
The Cost of Commonality: Assessing Value in Joint ProgramsRustin Jessup, Jamal Williams2015-12-01
Analysis of Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents' Knowledge of the Contract Management ProcessJohn Menanno & Mark George2015-12-01
Analysis of the 918th Contracting Battalion and 410th Contracting Support Brigade Utilizing the Contract Management Maturity ModelZach Valentine, Gary Croston2015-12-01
The Navy's Superior Supplier Incentives Program: Analysis of Supplier Proposed BenefitsDon Lee, Lupei Chou2015-12-01
Relationship of Source Selection Methods to Contract Outcomes: an Analysis of Air Force Source SelectionJacques Lamoureux, Michael Murrow, Clinton Walls 2015-12-01
Economic Value of Army Foreign Military SalesBrandon Pye, James Allen, Scott Bailey2015-12-01
Analysis of Source Selection Methods and Performance Outcomes: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable vs. Tradeoff in Air Force AcquisitionsRebecca Ban, Brett Barnes, Matthew Comer2015-12-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems, Volume IDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2015-12-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems, Volume IIDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2015-12-01
A Real Options Approach to Quantity and Cost Optimization for Lifetime and Bridge Buys of PartsPeter Sandborn, Navid Goudarzi2015-12-01
A Business Process Analysis of the Surface NavyDonald S. Northrup2015-12-01
Persistent PlatformsIra Lewis2015-09-01
Analysis of Capabilities of Organizations in the Areas of Responsibility for U.S. Commands of the United States Navy to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefAruna Apte, Bryan Hudgens2015-09-01
Benchmarking Naval Shipbuilding with 3D Laser Scanning, Additive Manufacturing, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle ManagementTom Housel, David Ford, Johnathan Mun and Sandra Hom2015-09-01
Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) Application: Improving Web Service to Defense Acquisition Visibility EnvironmentDr. Ying Zhao, Dr. Douglas J. MacKinnon, Dr. Shelley P. Gallup2015-09-01
Big Data Analysis of Contractor Performance for Services Acquisition in DoD: A Proof of ConceptRene G. Rendon, Uday Apte, Mike Dixon2015-09-01
Independent Research and Development (IR&D): the Challenges Continue Jacques S. Gansler2015-09-01
Avoiding Terminations, Single Offer Competition, and Costly Changes with Fixed-Price ContractsAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Alexander Lobkovsky Meitiv, Rhys McCormick, Maura McQuade, Guy Nzeribe2015-08-01
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD ComponentsAndrew Hunter, Greg Sanders, Rhys McCormick, Samantha Cohen, Maura Rose McQuade2015-08-01
Analysis of Defense Products Contract Trends, 1990-2014Andrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, Jacob Bell2015-08-01
Competition and Bidding Data as an Indicator of the Health of the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, Samantha Cohen2015-08-01
United States Navy Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Costs: A Preliminary StudyAruna Apte, Keenan Yoho2015-08-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: Evaluating Complex ConfigurationsMary Maureen Brown2015-07-01
Analysis of Contract Source Selection StrategyJatan Bastola, Kenneth Findley, Nathan Woodward2015-07-01
Towards Rapid Re-Certification Using Formal AnalysisDaniel Smullen, Travis Breaux2015-07-01
System Dynamics and Management Science Approaches Toward Increasing Acquisition Process EfficiencyJochim Block, Heinrich Buch, Bo Hu, Armin Leopold, Stefan Pickl2015-06-01
Leveraging Structural Characteristics of Interdependent Networks to Model Non-linear Cascading Characteristics Anita Raja2015-06-01
Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Availability-Based Importance Framework for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul AcquisitionKash Barker2015-06-01
Applying a System-of-Systems Engineering Perspective to Current and Future Army AcquisitionsChike Robertson2015-06-01
Award Fees and Their Relationship to Contract SuccessBran Sherman, Jonathan Lipscomb2015-06-01
Contracting with the Enemy: The Contracting Officer's DilemmaThomas Cayia, Joshus McCaslin2015-06-01
Overcoming the Barriers of Civil/Military Industrial Integration and of Buying Commercial Goods and ServicesJacques Gansler2015-05-01
Achieving Procurement Efficiencies in a Budget-Constrained EnvironmentDarryl Scott2015-05-01
Better Buying Power 3.0Frank Kendall2015-05-01
Independent Research & Development: The Challenges ContinueWilliam Lucyschyn2015-05-01
Evidence on the Effect of DoD Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost Growth of Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsDavid McNicol2015-05-01
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD ComponentsAndrew Hunter2015-05-01
The Experience of Strategic Thinking in a Volatile, Complex, Uncertain & Ambiguous (VUCA) EnvironmentDale Moore2015-05-01
Enhancing Critical Thinking through Creation of Learning Organizations within the Confines of an Overarching Mechanistic OrganizationDavid Riel2015-05-01
Acquisition Program Lead Systems Integration /Lead Capabilities Integration Decision Support Methodology and ToolTheodore Delbo2015-05-01
Using Open Systems Architecture to Revolutionize Capability AcquisitionNicholas Guertin2015-05-01
The Making of a Government LSI-From Warfare Capability to Operational SystemRon Carlson2015-05-01
A Framework to Determine New System Requirements Under Design Parameter & Demand UncertaintiesWilliam Crossley2015-05-01

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